Why EduSenz?

The EduSenz solution is designed and developed for higher education institutes that already have a Campus Management Solution at their core. These solutions often have limitations in their functionalities.

EduSenz can offer end-to-end solutions in sales and marketing, student acquisition, planners for campus activities, career guidance and event management. EduSenz is built in with a variety of functionalities and new-age technologies like AI and Recommendation Engines.

If what you need for your campus is an enhanced front-end experience, then look no further!

Common Challenges Faced by Higher Education Institutes

Lack of Visibility Across Operations

Lack of Course Management Capabilities such as Categorization of Courses

Ineffective Event Management Capabilities; e.g. Recruitment Drives, Fundraisers

Lack of Communication and Collaboration between Student, Staff Faculty and Management

Legacy Campus Management System

Outdated User Interface and Design